Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Urban Rangers and Egyptian Watercourses

Dr Dork was lurking around intueri recently. Amongst, in essence, waxing lyrical upon her resolutions for the forthcoming year, Maria happened to make mention of something or someone called "urban rangers".

The Dork followed the link and found this interesting site which is the work of a gentleman called Reinhard Engels. It is a collection of what he refers to as everyday systems. The urban ranger is by far the best of the lot, Dr Dork thinks.

In apercu: "We've invented one class of machine to spare us physical exertion, and another class of machine to inflict it back on us again, but in an infinitely more boring, painful, and useless manner."

Dr Dork likes this kind of thinking.

As has been discussed before, obesity is a major problem in all Western societies. It is tantamount to a pandemic. We Docs don't really care what our patients look like in an aesthetic sense, within reason, we care about obesity as it complicates, exacerbates and causes such a vast array of health problems, costs our society billions and our individual patients many years of life.

Dr Dork has straddled both sides of this fence. Before he dropped 30 kg (65 lbs) a few years back, he was guilty of the same rationalisations, defences and methods of denial that he now sees in his patients.

The urban ranger approach is simple : incorporate walking into your day. Walk to the local deli or the video store, don't drive. Walk to work, or at least to/from public transport routes.

Dr Dork used to say to himself he was too busy, too tired, not enough time, other priorities, too many restraining orders, too many complaints about his spandex bodysuit.

*Ahem*. Lets just say there is always an excuse if you want to find one.

Dr Dork found that the excuses tended to fade away when he ignored them. Kind of like a reverse Mr Stay Puft. Once he started exercising, he was less tired. He slept better, and woke up earlier, giving him more time. And so forth, for each apparent impediment.

Dr Dork now rarely drives. He walks or cycles to and from work, the local shops, nearby friends and family - whenever possible. Maybe hops a bus or train or tram part of the way.

Dr Dork doesn't bother spending many hours and dollars at the gym anymore - he gets all his exercise by simply incorporating it into his day.

Like a good urban ranger. Won't you join the Dork ?


Health Psych said...

Day four of the New Year and the wellintended resolutions remain that...and then comes along a very timely post from Dr. Dork. *cough*

OK. OK. You are so right and incorporating exercise into the natural activities of the day is a much more attractive option than hanging out in a gym.

*dusting off the pedometer*

Where do I sign up? :)

Surgeon in my dreams said...

Today is my third day without a cigarette (last time I went 12 days before I caved).

Let me get my ability to breathe back and I will see if I can join you.

I smoked 27 years....I feel like a dear friend has died.

Sheila said...

Oy. For years I had the excuse of a painful hip, but since I got my new fabulous one I have been meaning to walk a lot, and yet haven't done it.

It's 1.5 miles to work from my house, and I really should be walking it. Ugh. Would someone please wake me up early and make brekky for me? That would make it all so much easier... and I promise not to wear a spandex body suit.

The billmaker said...

My coworkers and I have been walking around our building at least three laps right after lunch. We started before the new year so it's not a resolution. It's just something we started doing.
With my stress levels as high as they are, I should go ahead and give that good old punching bag of mine a few good whacks.
So far I've lost four pounds. Not bad. Let's see how much more I can go, before there's a rainy day.
the billmaker

Dr Dork said...

I've been watching you !! Seriously...why not do what some such as Fat Doctor have done and put your pedometer k's on a sidebar as an added incentive ?

Well done...hard habit to kick that, the Dork is cheering!

Sheila, Billmaker,

As Lao Tze said...'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'.

I don't intend to sound like Tony Robbins, in case anyone is wondering.


Maria said...

Maria wonders why Dr. Dork refers to himself in the third person...

... but she also thanks him for the link and for his dedication to join her in urban rangery (?).

Dr Dork said...

Hi Maria,

Dr Dork is bonkers, that's why, in case you haven't noticed!

Seriously, I am not sure why I write in 3rd person...just kind of started out that way, perhaps inspired by Dr Crippen I think. It seems to aid in humour, more than anything else, so I've stuck with it for the blog and write "1st person" for my comments here and elsewhere. I don't really understand why, I guess, perhaps as a psychiatrist you could give me a reason relevant to my psychopathology ? Ha !


Dancing Bare said...

Dr. Ursa ( speaks of herself in the third person because she's a sub-personality. She's brash, self-confident, smarter than God and not altogether honest. She has an opinion on every subject and an answer for every question. Her goal is simple: world domination (for their own good, of course!)

I would dearly love to have her self-confidence, but I'm not so sure about some of her other characteristics. Nonetheless, friends in search of advice often ask for Dr. Ursa's take on the subject rather than my own maturely-considered, wishy-washy wisdom.

Christine (aka Dr. Ursa)

Dr Dork said...

Are you referring to a dissociative state I take it, Christine ?


nb-just kidding...I think.

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