Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Dork Abides


Both his followers will be surprised to discover that Dr Dork is stirring, occasionally spinning, restless in his unquiet tomb.

The medical 'blogosphere' (or however the current version is named) has changed much. The landscape has been remodelled, roads rerouted, and the forest has reclaimed some once-bustling towns.

Such is the nature of growth, and life cannot exist without change.

All manner of things have changed for Dr Dork since he reflected on the senescence of his blog in 2007.

Dr Dork has stepped away from clinical medicine at a relatively young age, a move which was necessary but nonetheless a little saddening for him. He is these days combining his professional and personal experiences of recovery from a ''mental illness triumvirate" in roles that he feels will benefit others stumbling along similar paths.

If it helps but one other, it is worth the effort.

Today Dr Dork reflects on his reflecting upon his reflections and gets dizzy.

Time for a sit down and a cup of tea.

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