Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Dr Dork has been a mite preoccupied the last week, hence the scarcity of output.

Rather belatedly, he would like to mention that Change of Shift, the nursing blog carnival, is up at Emergiblog...and has been for a few days. Apologies, Kim.

Jumping the gun, conversely, Grand Rounds will be up later today at Envisioning 2.0. It is early evening here in Oz, and where the author of Envisioning, Fard Johnmar, is based, it is probably not Tuesday for some time yet.

Another planned themed topic this week, unfortunately, regarding aspects of the confusing American insurance systems. Well, confusing to Dr Dork, at least. Which isn't a particularly unusual event.

There are a few regular Grand Round type collections akin to the seminal creation of Nick Genes that Dr Dork would like to bring to the attention of any readers unaware of them.

Most tend to focus on the relevant area of expertise, but promote those from other disciplines contributing as well.

Apart from the above two, Dr Dork has so far become particularly aware of:

The Pediatric Grand Rounds, which Clark Bartram of Unintelligent Design established, are hosted often at his site - as per this week - but also at various other locations, as per the archive. These are published every second Sunday.

The Radiology Grand Rounds are generally produced by Dr Sumer at Sumer's Radiology Site, although there are guest hosts, and he has set up a handy archive as well. These come out on the last Sunday of each month.

Dr John Crippen publishes The Brit Meds, a collection of British medically related writing, each Sunday at NHSBlogDoc.

Those of us in the penal colony feel unloved, John. As perhaps do our colleagues from the religious pilgrimage.

Dr Dork is just kidding. He is sure there will be an Australian version, once some critical mass is reached.

(insert own joke about slothful Australians here)

Grand Rounds is published at various locations, each Tuesday, and there is a handy archive and schedule at Blogborygmi.

Change of Shift is generally published at Emergiblog, each Thursday.

Dr Dork has spent an embarrassing length of time today trying to organise some form of Grand Round linking omnibus to tack up in his sidebar, to no avail, and much vexation.

Dr Dork recommends perhaps bookmarking some or all of the above compendiums.

He also recommends unplugging your monitor before attempting to throw it through a window.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to organise a round up of Australian/antipodean medical blogs - when I can find any medics blogging here. Apart from yourself, I haven't found any other doctors blogging down under.


Dr Dork said...

Hi Michael

I am familiar with 6minutes (and do recieve the newsletter) but didn't realise that yourself and Dr Parnell also ran blogs through the site - although on examining further I do realise that I already have "ozdocblog" up..

Others that I know of, off the top of my head are:

Docs in Oz

Barbados Butterfly - my favourite


Stranger's Fever

Radiology Pic of the Day

OzDocBlog - with which you're familiar !

Oz medical students



L&D in Sydney


To be honest - I wasn't aware of the oz medical student blogs above until I just did a bit of searching then!

There are also lots of other interesting local non-medical health bloggers such as HealthPsych, an Australian clinical psychologist, and Impacted nurse>, a Canberra ED nurse, and a few medical bloggers I know of in the neighbouring parts of Asia as well (such as angrydoc.blogspot.com in Singapore).

I regularly visit many medical news sites such as 6minutes, and have thought about doing up a list of these, but frankly I struggle to keep up with all the doc blogs alone as it is.

So, quite a few but perhaps not enough for a compendium yet? Possibly many more I don't know of, of course. Certainly most of those I do are anonymous and we seem largely to blog more about our personal perspectives rather than contributing anything useful to the realm of medical journalism.

Kind regards

Michael said...

Thanks for all those. i will get around to making a list and add it to the 6minutes.com.au site - soon.

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