Thursday, January 18, 2007

Languorously Knackered

Dr Dork is tired.

Good tired.

Busy week at work. More urban ranging than usual today, running some errands. Excuse the pun.

Yet, the mood is good. Pleasant. Euthymic.

Call it what you will, the Dork feels good for having galavanted about today.

Exercise alleviates depression. Lifts the mood.

The effect is evident even now, when the black dog is at bay.

If you're feeling a mite down in the dumps, Dr Dork heartily recommends a spot of exertion.

Go for a stroll. Pummel a punching bag. Whatever suits.

You'll feel better.



The Independent Urologist said...

Sage advice!

The MSILF said...'s amazing that even when I know that it is one thing that will fix things relatively quick, it's so hard to do! But by far the best advice out there.

Flea said...

Ah, sweet Euthymia!

I'll drink to that!

Cheers, Dork!


Mother Jones RN said...

Bad Black Dog. Stay away from Dr. Dork.

Run Dr. Dork, run.

Sorry, I've been watching Forrest Gump again. Glad you're feeling better.

isles said...

I so agree. I've lived in places where you couldn't leave the residential area without going onto a busy road with nowhere to walk safely, and have also lived where there are sidewalks, crosswalks, and small business areas intermingled with housing. I so much prefer the latter. Saves gas and pollution, good for the body, gets you in touch with your neighborhood, lifts the spirits.

Dr Dork said...

Mother Jones,
That comparison has been made the Dork's real world, not just here!

I specifically moved somewhere where I could walk most places, and had good public transport, it isn't always quite so tenable, of course.


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