Monday, January 15, 2007

The Clock Ticked One

It is now one year to the day since Dr Dork first appeared.

As can be seen from the first post, Dr Dork was originally created to enable easier commenting on other's blogs. The disclaimer was added later.

Dr Dork discovered the world of medical and health blogging late in 2005. Some of his early favourites were Intueri, Barbados Butterfly, Orac and the now sadly departed Shrinkette.

Dr Dork was unsure why he began blogging in the first place, but made an early attempt to synopsize his reasons. His reasons haven't changed, albeit he strayed a little towards the dark side after returning from his extended sojourn.

It has been good to follow the development of other bloggers, in particular those who began around the time of Dr Dork:

Dr Crippen of NHSBlogDoc is an entertaining, prolific writer who has grown into a powerful voice advocating NHS reform in the UK.

Dr Flea has also been leaping and bounding to new heights regularly, in particular penning a series of posts rationally discussing immunisation in children - notably at the risk of enraging the misguided zealots who troll the internet with the intent of flaming away rational discourse opposing their blinkered worldview.

And Shiny Happy Person, of Trick Cycling For Beginners, with whom Dr Dork feels much empathy. TrickCycling has, like Dr Dork, waxed and waned at times as it's author struggles with psychiatric illness. Dr Dork, with only unipolar dysfunction, has it comparatively easy.

As Dr Dork blows out his solitary candle, his wish is for a speedy recovery for Shiny Happy Person.


Health Psych said...

Happy Blogiversary, Dr. Dork. For whatever reason you blog, many of us are glad you do.

Nutty said...

Happy first birthday.

Flea said...


All the best,


Bardiac said...

Happy Blogday! Here's wishing you a better year ahead.

Dr Dork said...

Muchos gracias.


Deb S. said...

Happy Blogday! May you have many more.

By the way, I rememember a conversation on someone else's blog - before you became a blogger - in which several of us were encouraging you to go for it. We were already impressed with your comments on the site! I'm glad you made the leap. :-)

Shiny Happy Person said...

I am touched, Dork. Bon anniversaire to you, my friend. And I hope to god the black dog keeps well away from us both over the coming months.

Dr. Deb said...


I wish you many bloggy returns!

Godwhacker said...

Ditto to whatever Deb says ~ she's so smart :)

Dr. A said...


Bo... said...

Happy Birthday!

Dr Dork said...

Hi Deb,
Yes, you certainly had a major role in nurturing the Dork in his infancy. This will become increasingly evident as I develop the gumption to further expand the 'doctor as patient' theme. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to you.

I have some inkling, perhaps, of your current level of suffering and hope it is as brief as it can be. I wish I had some sage advice, but all I can think of is what my dear old Dad said to me - to paraphrase - 'if you've got a pile of rocks to shift, shift 'em one at a time'.

Hi GW(another nurturer of the dork-you share the blame in part, Ha!), Dr A, BohemianRN, and thanks.

Shiny Happy Person said...

Thanks Dork.

My dear old dad says: "I'm just phoning to make sure you haven't topped yourself." Sounds callous, but it's actually quite sweet.

He also always said to me "don't let the bastards grind you down", which I am trying to remember having been accused of being whinging, self-pitying, hateful, and in need of pulling myself together on my own blog.

I look forward to reading your doctor as patient writing when you feel ready. I think I will empathise with it a great deal.

Stay well xx

ditzydoctor said...

hullo! =D happy blogday! am glad you continued blogging and may the big bad black dog stay far far away. =D

(your wish really touched me- i think all doctors should read that paragraph in a bid to remain human!)

Midwife with a Knife said...

Hi Dr. Dork,

I've been lurking for a while, love your blog, and thought I'd wish you a happy blogiversary. Congrats on your 1 year mark. :)

Mother Jones RN said...

Happy Blogiversary. I'm looking forward to your posts in the years to come.


Dr Dork said...

Hi Shiny,
I think your 'old fella' and mine would get on well...Ha!

Hullo ditzy,
Nice to see another medical student blog - keep it up - it will be interesting watching you guys evolve as you complete your training.

Thanks for delurking, and enabling me to discover your blog thereby. Made me realise I don't have an O+G section in my medical links, now duly added. Not a lot of docs in your area that I've come across to date.

MJ - Thanks. Is the 1st anniversary paper? Or wood ? I forget...


Moof said...

Congratulations Dr. Dork! I'm so glad you're back, and able to share this anniversary with us!

Many more to come!

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