Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds for the week are now up at Signout.

Signout is an interesting blog from the menagerie, written by a 1st year US medical resident.

A well thought out presentation this week, in the format of a scientific paper.

Unfortunately, at least in the opinion of the Dork and a few others, there continues this week the trend towards designated thematic content rather than non-specific editorial control by the host.

As an aside, Dr Dork apologises for the lack of normal posting of late, he has been a tad lackadaisical lugubrious lazy preoccupied.

The bloglines service is recommended as a way to keep track of sporadic posters such as Dr Dork, who has found it useful and fairly easy to use.


Sid Schwab said...

Thanks for the bloglines link. As with much about blogging, I remained ignorant. This seems like a good thing; although it may ruin my wife's life, or at least my relationship with her -- net informationoholic that she is...

Dr Dork said...

You're welcome, Sid. I'm pretty ignorant about a lot of the finer tools, and the last language I learnt any programming in before HTML was unix. So I try to share something that even I can use with others - and this saves me a lot of time checking for updates, just click on one link and they're all checked for me.

Just checked my own bloglines feed and can tell you that surgeonsblog already have 17 subscribers via bloglines alone, let alone any of the other myriad RSS feed doohickeys !

Kind regards

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