Thursday, January 4, 2007

The AntiVax Hordes

In keeping with the recommendation of Dr Crippen, Dr Dork is adding his voice to the chorus of the reasonably minded and rational in regards to immunisation, as are many in support of the recent focus on this topic by Dr Flea.

In regards to the various childhood immunisations, and also for adults (especially when travelling), Dr Dork recommends you discuss your specific, individual situation with your specific, individual doctor.

If you haven't seen them yet, Dr Dork recommends having a gander at Fleas concise, coherent articles on:

Hepatitis B - Yellow Alert

Chickenpox - Dew Drops on Rose Petals

Whooping Cough - The Cough of One Hundred Days

Tetanus - Risus Sardonicus

Diphtheria - Strangling Angel

Haemophilus Influnzae Type B- Go Home and Die

Polio - The Can from Hell

Smallpox - On my Left Shoulder, A Very Great Fright

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Anonymous said...

My mom was a "Polio Pioneer" as a child when they were testing the vaccine. They all got buttons to wear and considered it an honor.

She turned out to be in the palcebo group and so had to get the real shot when the testing was done.

Needless to say she had us all immunized!

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