Saturday, January 20, 2007

Earl Grey

It is not the local cup of tea here at Chateau Dork. So to speak.

Nonetheless, Dr Dork nominated Dr Flea for best new medical blog, and Dr Crippen for best overall blog. Which he is pleased to see they have won.

Irregardless of Dr Dorks tendency towards introspective navel-gazing, it is nice to see such deserving docs showered with accolades. Dr Dork can highly recommend both blogs as entertaining and enlightening reads.


Flea said...

A million thanks, DD. The lady in the picture appears to have accidentally caught a glimpse of my blog!



word verification = bkehxk (what the lady's thinking)

Bo... said...

Why Dr. Dork, how did you get my great-aunt's picture? I always accidentally spill something in front of her...

Sid Schwab said...

No accounting for taste...

Health Psych said...

Cripes. This isn't the photo you promised us if you got more than ten votes in the poll, is it?

And you did.... *cough cough*

deb s. said...

People are staring at me - wondering why I suddenly burst out laughing. I love the photo!

Congrats to Dr Flea and Dr Crippen. And a standing ovation to Dr Dork for his signature posts.

Your creative style is enough to garner you a lot of attention, Dr Dork. But I'm betting that you have cute legs, too. Perhaps you can show them off in your next post. ;-)

Your fan,

Dr Dork said...

Oh dear.

I was afraid someone would remember my personal whoring...uh, promise, I mean, to post a picture if I exceeded 10 votes, which I unfortunately did.

Give me some time on this one, people.

Regards all
Congrats again to Dr's Flea and Crippen


Health Psych said...

Just pulling the leg, Dr. Dork. Don't want you to blow your anonymity...unless you're going to photoshop another beauty that is..

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