Thursday, January 4, 2007

Incorrigible Narcissism

Dr Dork is honoured and somewhat abashed to have been nominated in the 2006 Medical Blog Awards in the Literary Medical Weblog category.

Having a look at the polls so far, it appears that all 3 of Dr Dorks regular readers have already voted, nonetheless it is worth paying a visit to Medgadget to check out the various nominees if you're looking for some excellent medical and health blogging to read.

The voting closes on Jan 14th. Dr Dork will be leaving up a link in his sidebar in the hope a few readers might inadvertently click on it - Dr Dork is considering posting a picture for his exiguous readers if he gets over 10 have been warned!


Dr. Deb said...

I voted for you my friend.

I feel the same narcissistic twinge, but 'tis a nice bit of recognition.

Rob said...


I struggled with whether to even mention this in my blog. Certainly in my category it is pointless to go against NHS Blog Doctor (who has 90% of the votes). Even to give a "post-mortem" on Grand Rounds seems a little to self-absorbed to me. On the other hand, I do check the numbers often and am proud I am no longer a "slimy mollusk" in the TTLB ecosystem. You do this kind of thing for readers to read it and yet you don't want to pander.



Dr Dork said...

Thanks Deb!

Although I like to think I write primarily for myself, it nice to have a little reinforcement of the ego such that someone, somewhere, is interested in what one has to say. Similarly, by the time I posted the above Dr Crippen and Maria were already well ahead and unassailable. As far as I am aware only Dr Charles has restrained/refrained...

We are a sad lot.

Kind regards

Rob said...

Human, All too Human.

Rob (I asked a question of you in my latest post, by the way)

Dr Dork said...


Self-aggrandising link now removed from the sidebar.

Thanks Rob for the heads up, not very good at checking/tracking/whatever you call it to links...just trying to work it all out of late so as to follow-up discussions that branch over several blogs.


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