Monday, December 11, 2006

We are what we eat

There has been much brouhaha in Oz and in the US in recent weeks regarding attempts to restrict trans fats.

This gives a nice précis of the problem.

The AMA has been calling recently for either a ban on their use as a surreptitious additive (they currently sneak through a food labelling loophole, it seems), or at the very least for labelling requirements…so that people are at the least aware of the trans-fat content.

In some parts of Europe, stringent restrictions have been in place for many years.

Dr Wes, a cardiologist in Illinois has blogged recently on the topic following a ban on trans fats being enacted in New York, and is one of many voices noting that substitution with saturated fats will often occur, which isn’t really an improvement.

Dr Dork is a bit ambivalent about banning such things outright. He thinks the biggest issue at stake is the lack of disclosure – the situation whereby manufacturers have not had to disclose often inordinate levels of trans-fats until now.

As a doctor, Dr Dork sometimes thinks it would be nice if the ground opened up and swallowed Ronald and cohorts.

Ischaemic heart disease is our biggest killer, after all.

At the very least, we deserve to know what we are eating.

Take the quiz on dietary fats from the ABC Health Matters site.


Flea said...

Stop me before I supersize again!

BTW, ever see the awful movie with Sylvester Stallone called Captain something or other? It takes place in the future where all additives are illegal. There's only one fast food place left and that's Taco Bell.

The fancy dinner scene at TB is the only redeeming feature of the picture.



Dr Dork said...

Hi Flea,
No idea what movie that is, I'm afraid.
We don't have TacoBell I missing much ?


DrWes said...

With Taco Bell (a Mexican fast-food establishment here in the US) It seems recently you're only missing a bit of food poisoning from enterotoxigenic E. coli thought to be from green onions in their tacos.

The billmaker said...

OOOh scary. I took that quiz. The results were less than good. I think I need to stop by more often and learn a thing or two. Thanks for the EYEOPENER

Dr Dork said...

These tacos sound a worry. I'll have a goanna and wallaby croissant instead.
I didn't get it completely right either...


Godwhacker said...

Yo quiero Taco Bell ~ sin E. coli.

For the record Taco Bell is ubiquitous and inexpensive Mexican restaurant that can be a healthy alternative to burger joints if you order soft (not fried) tortillas and skip all the sour cream, cheese, and lard-laden beans.

The movie Flea was talking about was Judge Dread and it was a god awful movie. But wait! Rocky XXXVII is coming out this month.

Godwhacker said...

But how do Aussies get that Vegemite stuff down anyway?

Although I do love your wines.

Dr Dork said...

Thanks Godwhacker. I think I had suppressed that film from conscious memory.

Vegemite is great! Full of vitamin B. I must confess I love the stuff, and could eat it with a spoon.

And have.


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