Thursday, December 14, 2006

Canine Obedience Training

Dr Dork has spoken of the Black Dog in a previous post.

Dr Dork has been acquainted with the Dog for more years than he would care to remember.

This year, the Dog has been rather troublesome.

Rather troublesome indeed.

The reacquaintance, at close range, with this rabid rotty has had more than a little to do with the absence of the Dork in recent months.

The Dog isn’t very nice company. Shiny Happy Person describes it more eloquently than Dr Dork could.

It’s been years since the Dog misbehaved like this..

No tugging on the leash.

No chewing the couch.

No howling at the moon.

No mauling Dr Dork.

Though the Dog is a faithful companion, in his way, and has his own lessons to teach, he is not welcome company.

Breathe. Keep Breathing.
Don't lose your nerve.

Radiohead - Exit Music


Surgeon in my dreams said...

I had neve heard it called the black dog.

I only know that it is hideous and ugly and it has taken from so much from me.

I don't believe anyone who has not lived in this place, can understand it, not truly.

Dr Dork said...

It is reported that Churchill coined the phrase albeit this is unverified. To me, this conjures an image of a constant, unwelcome companion, always snapping at your heels...quite apropos. Not fun, perhaps not curable, but definitely treatable and tameable.

All the best

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