Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's Christmas Grand Rounds, Charlie Brown!

Mother Jones from the always interesting Nurse Ratched’s Place is hosting this weeks Grand Rounds - with a Festive theme.

An varied collection of yuletide related ramblings from a menagerie of medical bloggers this week.



dragonflyfilly said...

hey there Your Royal Dorkiness!

Greeting from Wet, Windy and Wild (Howlingly so!) Wancouver... love the cozzi Santa, kind of reminds me of one i had when i was little. Ohhhh, how i crave to be somewhere warm and sunny, listening to the suft shlip shlop up upon the beach, whilst i scrutinize the sand under my nails as i put the finishing touches on my Castle. I see the Court Jester is busy giving instructions to the two plebs who have run away with someone's Plimsol(?)...as sweet Santa looks on with a sly smile. ...a bit too much with the alliteration? never mind, 'tis the season, and we will make allowances, won't we?

Cheers, love and Light from me in my new disguise,

(that is Persephonie - in case you don't recognize me)


Anonymous said...

Hey Dorky,
It's amazing that this will be my first time spending a COOL Christmas after 6 years of stay in Oz.I thought I was gonna put on my bathers and doing the barbi instead. Oh well!.May you and family have a lovely Merry Christmas.

Dr Dork said...

Hi PJ, Merry Christmas.

Hullo Flatfeet, many happy returns. What is Christmas without snaggers and VB ? Ha!


Health Psych said...

Might want to rethink that cossie -Sydney has a forecast unseasonal 19c.

Happy holidays, Dr. Dork.

Dr Dork said...


I might not be in Sydney...

But if it's 19 C where I am...perhaps some fur-lined smugglers...


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