Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dr Dorks Holiday Survival Guide

The christmas / holiday season has, to Dr Dorks mind, been so corrupted by commercial interests that any semblance of the true altruism of the season appears lost.

It is also a time of year that is especially hard for many. It is often thought that rates of suicide, for example, peak. However, this is in actuality not the case.

Why ?

There has been some suggestion that the temporary boosting of services at such times is perhaps a reason, at least in part. This makes some sense to Dr Dork.

People do reach out more to others, at this time of year. Which is a good thing. However, come the new year, these good intentions may be often forgotten. Which is sad.

Better transient compassion than none, you might say.

Dr Dork has been of late considering whether he should gift his nom de plume a first name. 'Ebeneezer' had been suggested by Cathy following Dr Dorks reluctant and rather dour response to the "Christmas Meme".

Dr Dork was not being facetious in his responses. Added to the fact that he is wrangling the black dog at present, he understands why many loathe the 'festive season'. For Northern Hemisphere readers, this is also the time when Seasonal Affective Disorder is rampant.

Dr Dork has a simple prescription for making it through this period - watch this movie. And go easy on the eggnog.


Flea said...

I suggest going for something alliterative like:

David Dork

Daniel Dork

Dalliance Dork

DaGreat Divide Dork

Something along those lines.



Mama Mia said...

Or how about Davinci Dork? Hang in there... the season will pass and we can get on with the everyday stuff again.

The Phoenix said...

How about Albert?

Dr. Albert Dork has a nice ring, and the pic looks like an "Albert."

Moof said...

Dr. Dork, I know the "black beast" of which you speak ... and it's a definite pain to have around.

For names - how about a symbolic rhyme: (1) Untorque Dork

You could even get creative with your existing name: Untorque Dorque!

(1) Torque

Main Entry: torque
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Latin torques, from torquEre to twist -- more at TORTURE
: a usually metal collar or neck chain worn by the ancient Gauls, Germans, and Britons


Okay - so it's stretching things a bit ... ;o)

Hang in there, Dr. Dork (Dr. Dorque?) ... there is daylight after all of this ...

Bo... said...

I think "The Dorkmeister" would be kind of catchy...

Bardiac said...

On the other hand, some of us really do just need one name; we're that good.

Health Psych said...

There's always Dorky Dork.

Well, Marky Mark launched the stellar career of Mark Wahlberg.

Dr Dork said...

Ha ha - thanks for the suggestions. Very interesting.

I must confess something starting with 'A' was my first thought..then I could be Dr. A Dork ?

Moof - umm...that one gives me the mental image of the Gimp scene from Pulp Fiction...

Disturbing on so many levels.



Bo... said...

Good gracious, I just thought of something---you don't want to go with the "A" thing, because then you might get tagged with "Alfred E. Dork"....

Kim said...

Ah, the black dog.

Thought I had it housebroken without need for medication, but it looks like that is not going to be the case.

Ebeneezer Dork has no ring.

Dr. Darling de Dork has my vote! : D

Okay, so maybe I DID have some Egg Nog (via a latte!)

Dr Dork said...

Bohemian RN,
Fair call.

It still intrigues me that people are so judgemental at times of antidepressant medication, yet not of an antihypertensive or analgesics or antibiotics or whatever. Pretty benign side-effects wise nowadays, still so much stigma due to ignorance...and Scientologists! Ha ha!

"Darling" makes me think of Blackadder...


Roy said...

Donald Dork, MD.

On the holiday depression thing, the pattern I notice at the hospital is that things slow down for few days before, and on, Christmas Day. Fewer consults, lower inpt psyc unit census, fewer consults.

Then on Dec. 26, they start to come in, with a crescendo on Jan 1-2. Just my impression.

Dr Dork said...

Thanks Roy.


Wondering about the Jan1/2 peak.


Maderine said...


Know that black dog. Changing your name won't help you kick it, I don't think.

Perhaps some fentanyl? Bwah--just kidding.

Regards -Maderine

Zoe Brain said...

We lost one two days ago. A Transsexual, just starting transition (she was intersexed too) who had just revealed her plans to her parents.

They told her she was shaming the family, and would be better off dead. So a few minutes after posting a goodbye to the support group, she killed herself.

I forget the state in the US she was in. Kansas, I think.

This time of the year, there are so many people who are TS who have been legally denied access to their children, it's very hard on them. Some aren't even allowed to send a Christmas card.

You have to remember people who are TS are often suffering hormonal moodswings, and biochemical imbalances during treatment. Micronised progesterone isn't on the PBS, but provera, which causes suicidal depression in 10% of cases, is.

I'd be interested in the general statistics, but groups such as the embarressingly disabled, the intersexed, the transsexed, and those rejected by their family would appear to be in significant danger at this time of year.

Those whose Christmas present is often a 9mm bullet, and a note telling them to use it.

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