Saturday, December 23, 2006

Annual Accolades

As far as Dr Dork is aware, there are two ongoing "awards" for health bloggers decided each year by internet voting.

The venerable and highly respected Orac over at Respectful Insolence was voted the best Medical/Health Issues Blog in the Weblog awards.

Orac is particularly known for examining the evidence basis of dubious medical/health claims, and for often drawing the ire of the rabidly vocal anti-vax minority.

The Medical Weblog awards run via Medgadget are currently accepting nominations and voting starts early in the new year.

Voting is limited to one vote per IP address.

Dr Dork is pleasantly surprised to have been nominated for the Literary Medical Weblog category, and extends his thanks to the nominator, wherever you are!

Dr Dork considers himself seriously outclassed but it is nice to appear on the nomination list, especially having only actively blogged for a third of the year.

Well worth perusing the various nominees for both of the above awards in all categories - a great diversity of health blogging is but a click away.

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