Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Notifylist given notice

Dr Dorks posting regimen has always been rather erratic.

Hence the decision to recommend his readers put an email address into the NotifyList thingamajig.

To use the technical parlance.

Unfortunately, notifylist continues to…well…not notify people on the list.

This was a problem prior to Dr Dorks sojourn and is rather irksome.

Thus the decision to terminate NotifyList.

All email addresses registered with the notifylist function have been sold to the Russian spamming mafia, for a tidy sum.

Just kidding. All have been destroyed.

Dr Dork has been noticing many seem to be using RSS and similar notification systems. Seems like a good idea. Any recommendations?

Bearing in mind that Dr Dork is not especially au fait with all these electrickery doohickies and whatnot.

Dr Dork would like to mention the cricket, but is averse to being flamed by his erudite British colleagues. So he won’t.


Flea said...

Welcome back, my friend. Words cannot express my happiness that you are back in the saddle.


Scientist said...

First time I've ever read your blog....and you go and mention THAT. Grrrrrrr.

Surgeon in my dreams said...

Hey ya DOrk! Welcome back!!

Dr. A said...

When I started blogging in June, many people pointed me your way as one of the "fallen bloggers." And, I started reading, and enjoyed what I read.

Glad you're back. Looking forward to reading more. I'm going to be adding you to my link list!

Dr Dork said...

Muchas gracias, amigo.

I apologise, I'm not that much of a cricket nut, but the match just happened to end right while I was writing the post.

SIMD, gracias, amiga.

Dr A.,
That's intriguing. A fallen blogger. Now seeking redemption, I guess. Sounds very biblical.

Purgatory was a mite warmish.

Thanks for the link, your blog is very interesting and I'm happy to reciprocate. Plan to update my links once or twice a week as I'm rather out of touch with sites both new...and fallen.


Cathy said...

Dr. Dork I was on your notifier list but I also have you in "Bloglines" so I can see when you have updated.

Anonymous said...

By all means mention the cricket. As transplanted Australians, living in Canada for 45 years we suffer from a dearth of cricket news here. But thanks to cricinfo.com we keep up-to-date. The second test was incredible. Only one more win and the Ashes return to their rightful home! Go Aussies, go.

Moof said...

Recommendations for RSS readers - definitely Bloglines. You can put a notifier on your desktop or in your browser which lets you know when something is updated. I've tried several others, and stuck with this one.

Dr. Dork - it's just so good to see you back. Can't tell you how worried we've all been!

Be well!

Dr Dork said...

Thanks Moof

Anonymous said...

Liz from I Speak of Dreams. Flea sent me over.

I too have the black dog in my life.

I'm looking forward to making your blog acquaintance.

Dr. Deb said...

The email thingymajig boots me everytime, so I couln'dt leave my email.

Here it is should you want it:

DrWes said...

Oh, so glad to have you back. I had just come on board the blog-o-sphere and lost you...

We love dorks...

Flatfeet said...

Woohoo! Lovely to see your new blog set up. Hope all things goes well on ya side.
Have a good weekend mate ;)

Dr Dork said...

Nice to 'meet' you. The dog can be tamed.

Hi Deb
Thingamajig. How uncouth.

Howdy - your site is right up my alley, as per my April 11 post!

Hullo hullo flatfeet. Sorry to hear of your wart issues. I too have a large hairy wart. Right between my shoulders.


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