Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Urostream Grand Rounds, and holler for submissions

Grand Rounds are up at UroStream.

Dr Dork thinks Dr Keagirl (seen here:)
has the most amusing and apt blogheader of all medical bloggers, but he can't work out how to display it...so you'll have to go see for yourself !

Dr Dork will have the pleasure of hosting Grand Rounds next week. Please make your submissions to dorkdr(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

Curfew will be lunchtime Monday your local time, after which the CHUDs will be released.

Grand Rounds will be following the traditional format as per Nick Genes guidelines from the early days of the tubal interweb, with a selection of highlights from the week.

Addendum: You can find Dr Keagirls Pre-Rounds Medscape interview with Dr Nick Genes* here.

*Grand Rounds founder/co-ordinator/eternal slave to the beast he has created


SeaSpray said...

I really enjoy her blog and yes how apropos her header is. :)

Dr Dork said...

Best medblog header around.

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