Thursday, April 5, 2007

Low Expectations

Pip and Miss Havisham

The key to enjoying modern cinema, perhaps.

Dr Dork is aware of the detriment that the culture of merit-free celebrity has upon civilised society. He tries to avoid TV...apart from Dorky things.

Dr Dork occasionally, for various and variable reasons, inflicts aspects of his musical or literary tastes upon his readers. He has only - indirectly - referenced contemporary cinema once before.

Tonight's Film at Château Dork: Little Miss Sunshine (LMS)

Dr Dork loathes formulaic film. Dr Dork enjoys films that break the mold. Or is that mould ? Unlike much of the current commercial cause célèbre, such can still, at times, be considered an art form.

Dr Dork had been recommended LMS by a few members of his desiccated gene pool, and had read a few rave reviews.

Rave reviews are usually the kiss of death at Château Dork. However...Dr Dork needed an extra movie to complete his VideoStoreCheapoDeal today. LMS effectively cost a dollar. Expectations were low.

Expectations were surpassed.

Conflict of interests should be identified:

1. Dr Dork has had a schoolboy crush on Toni Collette since Muriel's Wedding.

2. Dr Dork perhaps sees too much of himself in Steve Carrell's previous roles.

Dr Dork enjoys ice cream. French vanilla, preferably. Enough said.

Pageants debase and demean humanity. Enough said.


Midwife with a Knife said...

I agree 100%. I loved LMS, perhaps because it was a little different, and perhaps because I love Steve Carrell. Perhaps because I think that especially when they involve little girls, pageants do "debase and demean humanity". I'm glad your expectations were exceeded. :)

Mother Jones RN said...

I loved watching LMS. Steve Careell is one of my favorite actors. Dr. Dork has good taste in movies AND in ice cream. Yummy!


DrWes said...

Dr. D-
Concur completely. I thought the strength of the movie was that no single character stole the show - they all played a pivotal role in the dysfunctional family dynamic...and each played their parts well. Seems these good movies speak to the human condition, eh?

The MSILF said...

Hmmm...I was kind of disappointed in it. Felt like I was watching National Lampoon's Vacation remake, without Chevy Chase. The last 15 minutes and the pageant stuff were good though.

One thing my father used to say about those pageants - not the little kid ones, the adult ones (although I question how much you can use the word "adult" for a woman who enters one) was, "Jesus Christ, who wants to turn over in bed and wake up to that (mimicking the ridiculous pageant smile) every morning?"

How about Borat?

Cathy said...

I loved this movie. You have good taste Dr. Dork.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr Dork - I was in a local beauty pageant once when I was 17. The winner then competes in the county fair and that winner becomes Queen of the fair and then competes for State.

I didn't win but did get Miss Congeniality. a bunch of us girls just decided to do it for fun and it was fun.

Admittedly, I don't know much about the more professional type of pageant competitors. I think if the person stays centered and is a good person on the inside then why not have some fun with it and maybe win some money or a scholarship along the way?

Chateau Dork....I like that. i didn't see LMS though. Also, I like chocolate chip mint ice cream. :)

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

I also don't watch much TV. It's good to be picky about what you watch... otherwise everyone could spend all day watching reality TV, rather than living in reality. Have a great Easter. All very best Dr Dork. Michelle

jmb said...

I was pleasantly surprised also, watched it on DVD, but no ice cream, nor popcorn.
Toni Colette gets some amazing roles and has succeeded brilliantly despite her indeterminate accent. Meryl Streep she's not.
Happy Easter, Dr Dork.

Godwhacker said...

Godwhacker enjoys French vanilla ice cream too, but alas my cholesterol is too high. I've tried a product called Soy Dream, but it tastes... like tire patch.

Hey! Now you have me talking in the third person.

Felix Kasza said...

Dear Dr. Dork:

You believe that pageants -- and no, I do not like them, either -- demean humanity only because you have not yet figured out that the secret is similar to the one you discovered for liking movies.

You need to lower your expectations of humanity.

You find this difficult? Just get interested in politics. Oh, and before doing so, you may wish to discuss a higher dose of happy pills with your psychiatrist.

John J. Coupal said...

I agree with a poster that the ensemble cast of LMS was perfect. The soundtrack music at the start is infectious too.

The scene in the medical clinic after Grandpa's death from one too many cocaine hits is, unfortunately, hilarious. The total incompetence of every medical staff/administrative member who comes in contact with the grieving/relieved family is satire at its finest.

Dr Dork said...

Howdy all,
Great minds think alike.

I'm surprised I haven't been flamed for berating these demeaning pageant thingamajigs.

Mother Jones,
Like laughing at myself, Ha!

Dr Wes,
Couldn't agree more.

Sounds like you had high expectations ! Borat appealed very much to my sense of humour, but I have been familiar with Borat and other Cohen characters for years through the Ali G show...well worth a look if you liked Borat.

I can recommend the movie then. Dorks aren't allowed in pageants here...perhaps I am just bitter...

Dr Michelle,
Thanks and belated returns.

And to you, as well. No popcorn...sacrilege !!

Insanity is contagious, Ha!

Hello there ! I am interested in politics, but limit my viewing time of political diatribe as it becomes expensive to keep replacing my TV.

John. J.C.,
The opening music seemed to pass me by...I'll have to revisit it now.

Kind regards

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