Thursday, March 29, 2007

Centennial Rounds

Dr Rosendo Ribeiro, and his trusty zebra, Kenya, 1907

Dr Dork, whilst briefly logging on the intertubes to upload his typically belated Grand Rounds notification, noticed that this is also his hundredth post.

Dr Dork can almost hear the tumultuous response from the medical blogosphere :


"Tell someone who gives a rat's derrière."

Dr Dork has wrestled since beginning to blog with a multiplicity of goals to the endeavour. Overarching all of these, of course, is the primary reason why he came into existence.

Like many of his medical brethren, Dr Dork has a propensity towards perfectionism and distinct obsessive traits. "Best to do something well, or not at all," he recalls Dork Sr advising.

Dr Dork suspects his psychologically savvy colleagues might suggest this "everything or nothing" style of thinking is a recipe for disaster.

There are a lot of medical blogs out there. Dr Dork has lost count of the number he is now subscribed to. Many of the consistently productive ones seem to focus on a particular modality or two of blogging only:

Politics of healthcare. The particular speciality of the writer: Surgeons to shrinks. Emergency medicine to General Practice. Little people to even littler people. Tickers to tubing. Debunking quackery. Collating medical news. The history of nursing caps and dodgy romance novels. Medical literature. Doctor as patient.

Just to name a few.

Dr Dork is fragmented. He produces random output in at least 5 different modalities. Choosing to avoid his particular speciality field (which may or may not have been touched on at some point) is quite limiting.

Anyway.The loperamide appears to be kicking in, so enough verbal diarrhoea for now.

Suffice it to say Dr Dork is contemplating whether he might get more out (ie. put more in) if he chose a particular modality on which to focus. We'll see.

A trace of ennui intrudes at present, and output shall continue scarcely. This appears the eternal nature of the Dork, to spew forth at random intervals in random amounts. So be it - like it or lump it...Ha!

The main point of this post, before Dr Dork become absorbed in the wonders of navel gazing, is that Grand Rounds is up at Medviews.

Medviews is written by
Dr Stuart Henochowicz, an Allergist/Immunologist at Georgetown with an impressive breadth of credentials.


#1 Dinosaur said...

"So be it - like it or lump it."

One vote here for "like it."

Here's how I'd sum up your blog:

"Dr. Dork holds forth on a variety of topics -- from the Black Dog of depression to hauntingly aching poetry -- with a consistently droll third-person wit and outside-the-box linksmanship that never fails to bring a smile of anticipation upon noting a new post."

Your postings are treasured whatever their frequency, at least by one lonely dinosaur trolling about the USA's east coast.

Max E Nurse said...

Happy 100th posting. You should perhaps update the photo, a few extra wrinkles.

Just think how intelligent we would be if we picked up a thick dusty medical book instead of blogging in our spare moments.

Keep blogging along. We don't want you becoming Dr Intellectual.


Mother Jones RN said...

I love Dr. Dork. Dr. Dork is cool in the third person. My third person said that Dr. Dork must keep blogging. My third person and I are happy that you like our dodgy romance novels:-)


ditzydoctor said...

dr dork please do keep blogging!!! you're one of the few who's kind to medical students - we love you!!!! ;) and happy 100th entry!

jmb said...

A centenarian, eh? Did you get a letter from the Queen?
So what does it matter if you're heavy on Dino's rule, no 3, mix it up. And I note he was the first to comment on this and give a like vote. Here's another like vote, for the blog, rare entry or often.
After all you introduced lots of us to bloglines so we won't miss any.

Pieces of Mind said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!

I like blogs that contain variety. It shows that Dr. Dork is a renaissance person. :)

If Dr. Dork wishes to eschew quantity in favor of quality, I am all for it. ;)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr. Dork - I like that comment your father said to you.

When I was a teenager, I had to do chores for my aunt. This one morning, after vacuuming the entire house (every room carpeted,including the kitchen)I decided to skip the very last place to be vacuumed. There were crumbs under the table and I didn't feel like pulling all the chairs away,I saw them but decided to shut the vacuum off and I announced that I was done.

My aunt said that I wasn't, I said I was, she pointed to the crumbs under the table and I said it wasn't that much.

She said "Patricia, if you're not going to do the job right, then you might as well not do it at all because it looks like you didn't do it and that is what people will see."

I have never forgotten that. Even as an adult, when I have been tempted to take shortcuts - I hear her words and I can't do it. It is so ingrained in me.

I have passed that on to my sons as well. They get annoyed - but it is true. :)

John J. Coupal said...

re: Dr. Rosendo,

"If you hear hoofbeats, don't think: Zebras!!", or something to that effect.

Moof said...

Dr. Dork! Congratulations on post #100!!! :o)

Please, keep them coming when you're able. I really enjoy your writings!

Be well!

Bo... said...

I adore your blog!

Dr Dork said...

Thanks for all the kind words.

I hope I don't come across as chasing some ego stroking. This is not my intent.

Perhaps I just like to air my dirty laundry, thus sharing the misery.

A few specific replies only today - sorry, but rushed:

I strive to occasionally attend to the Dinosaur Rules. I seem to be having some issues maintaining curmudgeonly behaviour at present. Mourning poor Barb's situation, mayhap, now Neonatal Doc getting scared by litigious trolls...*sigh*

On a lighter note - "linkmanship" - great turn of phrase, I love it!

Max e nurse,
I did have an updated picture for awhile....we won't go there.

The glasses are only to convey an air of pseudointellectualism. Not working, it seems.

Mother Jones,
I seem to be a tad vague as to where and why the whole third person thing came about. I don't use it in comments here or elsewhere. Certainly a few other medical bloggers whom I admire do this also and I suspect a touch of mimicry/plagiarism on my part... It seems to be useful to construct this "pseudo-personality" for humour particularly.

Sometimes, it seems to me it works too well. Hardly anyone seems to have worked out that I'm actually a 16 year old female from the Seychelles....


Did I say that out loud ?

I'm perturbed by the notion that you are treated poorly either on the intertubes or at your hospital / university.

That is very poor form. The necessity and importance of teaching other docs in development is part of the Hippocratic Oath, as I recall.

I don't know whether I'm a particularly good teacher, but I enjoy it, and feel privileged to help another. We learn so much from other docs, medical students, nurses...and most of all patients.

Obviously, you've hit a nerve with me here! Docs, whether they're double Profs or Nobel Laureates, who don't respect their students and colleagues, are just narcissistic wankers.


*deep breaths*

*in with the bad, out with the with the...hang on!*

Lizzie did send me another restraining order recently. It's the thought that counts.

I say many times that flattery will get you anywhere..but you're playing my ego like a violin...Ha!
If only I had either of those to eschew...
Lovely word...eschew. Can't recall the last time I used/encountered it. Will now try and use it daily for the next week !

1340, from O.Fr. eschiver, from Frank. *skiuhan "dread, avoid, shun" (cf. O.H.G. sciuhen "make fearful"), from P.Gmc. *skeukhwaz. Related to shy (v.).

Hullo seaspray,
Did you get to live in the cellar too!?
It was cosy, but the manacles would chafe so...

ROFLLMAO...or however the kiddies say it. I'm chortling, is what I mean to say.

Thanks moof,
I should point out, however, that emoticons are banned on this blog, punishable by being made to watch all six Rocky movies with your eyes taped open. First warning.

And Dr Dork adores both you and Podunk.

Well...maybe I'm not that rushed.

Kind regards

SeaSpray said...

LoL Dr. Dork! LOL!

The cellar wasn't so was the attic ...on hot summer days with the flying squirrels running amuck with the bats hanging from the rafters that got to me a bit more.

Congrats on your 100th! I love your humor and poetry. I do confess to wondering who you really are since you keep your profession so close to your vest. Part of the intrigue. :)

Calavera said...

Well done for reaching the 100 mark!!

I for one do enjoy reading your blog! And I do give a rat's derriere, so there!

Dr Dork said...

Hi seaspray,
Bats are really, really creepy. Ick.

I am a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, and grilled with cheese.

Hi Cal,
Sounds like you sustained an attempted pimping on your last post regarding hernia subtleties. I might finish this comment on your own blog.

Kind regards,

rcentor said...

Many physicians are dorks. What must one do to become a Dr. Dork?

Your erraticism (sic) reminds my of Pavlovian dog experiments. If you are really a dork then you will understand.

The number one customer for a blog must be yourself. You obviously write for yourself and Dr. Dork. But does Dr. Dork give a ....?

Just think at once a month, you should reach your next 100 in 12-13 years.


SeaSpray said...

Dr. Dork - SeaSpray is admittedly inquisitive and is wondering what she will see if she peers through the mystery, unwraps the enigma and scrapes the cheese ...just who she will see?

You can't blame a girl for trying! :)

p.S. - yes - bats - ick, although some are cute. :)

NeoNurseChic said...

Dr. Dork,

I must say that your blog has taught me to use this site with far greater frequency. Ha! Congrats on your 100th post, and also thanks for sticking around to read my blog when I took it private. I'm a day late and a dollar short responding to comments, but I have done so. I warn that anything I write over the next 3 days might be absolute delirium, but we'll see. :)

I have a lot of medical blogs I check often, but of the ones I check daily, yours is on a list with actually only 4 or 5 total. So keep on blogging!

Take care,
Carrie :)

NeoNurseChic said...

Oh and I've just read your comments! What on earth is wrong with the Rocky movies?!?!?! I'm a Philadelphian!! ha...... You won't find me shouting "Yo Adrienne!" but on the other hand, I do have a wicked cool accent and I say things like "wooder" for water..... Rocky is king. ;) ha

Take care,
Carrie :)

Dr Dork said...

Hi Robert,
There can be only one...Dr Dork ! Ha!

I'm intrigued ? Cute bats ? Pray tell.

Day late and dollar short is fine. I'm usually a week late responding to comments. Rocky ? Well, Rocky I is certainly alright. But Ivan Drago....c'mon, please!

Kind regards

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