Monday, April 16, 2007

Another nonsensical bout of self-absorbed whimsy

Irrelevant and irreverent descent into mirth and whimsy has been just about the only output from Dr Dork of late.

Apart from Grand Rounds, of course - which was not as time-consuming as Dr Dork thought it might be. Dr Dork reads most of the blogs which submitted anyway - his Bloglines feed count stands at 205...and counting.

Dr Dork is perhaps showing his age by divulging his love of cheesy Creature Features. An excellent way to while away a few hours of insomnia.

So here we have a Godzilla dancing extravaganza, produced by Daniel, a 15 year old in San Jose.

Don't know the music, but the combination is much fun.

Dr Dork is thinking he will finally bestow a first name on himself, for a trial run.

Until next time,

Dr Tom F. Dork


Max E Nurse said...

Holy Moley!
Not sure about the Tom Foolery, I had you more for a Dinkleburt, Roofus Doofus or good old Dick Ed. Maybe the latter is a bit harsh.

Love the dancing Dino's - reminds me of watching dads at wedding receptions - oh hang on I am one of those!


jmb said...

But everyone knows that Australian males are all named Bruce! Or are you too young for that reference?

205 subscriptions. I'd think you were retired except for the very occasional patient stories. Maybe they're from the archives?

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr Tom F Dork - for one with dyslexia, it could look like Dr Tom Fork. Nothing wrong with Dr Fork or Spoon or knife for that matter - all good. So... Dr. Tom F Fork..are you now opening that vest of privacy you wear close to your chest? :)

I am tired and a bit punchy and real busy procrastinating from doing my work.

Great video. I remember watching them when I was a little girl and I used to be afraid! :)

I am afraid of spiders, probably in the same way that you are of bats. I am especially afraid of the hairy, muscular spiders, although..I can pick up a daddy long legs spider, but only to save it's life.

Lesa said...

Nice video, I just can't believe you don't know the music. You obviously haven't been around a teenager lately. Anyway, enjoying the insanity here. Nice to know there are others. Wish I could sleep too. Getting old surfing the freakin' web for something more to do. It can also get one in trouble. hehe. Must need more to drink to aide in the sleeping. It is said that is a bad thing too. Oh well, damned if we do, damned if we don't. Later Doc. Say hi sometime.

Lesa( the crazy nurse)

Dr Dork said...


All good suggestions. Just looking for a first name so as not to seem so hoity-toity.

To use the technical parlance.



Bazza ?

Wazza ?

Now 212 and counting...

Hi Seaspray,

There is another dimension to the nickname...although I am fundamentally a fan of ye olde blues guys like Robert Johnston, I do like Radiohead, which is driven by Thom Yorke.

I have a terrible falsetto, though.

Spiders are icky, especially the poisonous ones...but they also eat a lot of other bugs. I like that.

Hi Lesa,

I've now, after a little research, become aware of the "significance" of this music.

Never heard of "viral videos" until now.

We all watch, and learn, I guess.

I'd love to say hi sometime....but your profile is closed.

You say you are a 'crazy nurse'- is this not tautology ? Ha!

Kind regards

ERnursey said...

I spent many years of my younger life coming home from work and watching Creature Features until the wee hours. Those were good times, life was relatively simple and unstressful. Thanks for the memory. Great Video

NeoNurseChic said...

Tom is my best friend's name, so I'm rather partial to Toms. :O)

Ah I probably don't come through on your bloglines because I went private. However, my most recent post is about my first night riding a motorcycle, so check it out - there are even pics of Philadelphia! :)

I'll admit that I haven't been posting much recently. Love is in the air around here - that and spring cleaning! I've actually run into this emotion called "happiness" and while a foreign concept entirely, I'm rather enjoying its company. ;)

Bye for now!
Carrie :)

AzRN said...

too funny! great video clip :D

phd in yogurtry said...

As Leza said, Godzilla video music is recognized from this "Numa Numa" youtube passaround:

Anonymous said...

Where's my Godzilla video? *loads shotgun*

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