Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grand Rounds and Dorkish Humour

Dr Dork is aware Grand Rounds was posted several days ago. Better late than never.

Dr Sam Blackman is a paediatric haematologist/oncologist from the US who is the host of Grand Rounds this week.

For any non-medical readers paed/haem/onc = little kiddies with cancer.

Tough gig.

Dr Blackman touches on the role of humour in grand rounds, and Dr Dork thinks this a salient point. In a similar vein, CodeBlog has made impressive use of limericks in this weeks
Change of

Humour is a useful tool in medical teaching, and in medical practice. From his psychiatry days, Dr Dork recalls it as a critical element of assessing a mental state properly.

Humour is, of course, a therapeutic tool in and of itself. Although Dr Hunter "Patch" Adams is a controversial figure, and Dr Dork disagrees to some extent with his extremely anti- “conventional” psychiatry stance, the message that humour does us good is beyond reproach.

In this spirit, Dr Dork would like to share some of his favourite humour sites. Please note, some are at times crude. In the tradition of FARK, the NSFW (not safe for work) tag will be applied for these, for those of you reading from a work computer.

Dork Humour

Dr McNinja – yes, it is a comic strip about a Ninja Doctor. Seriously. The premise : a kindly physician is infected with a virus which bestows ninja powers. The current story, with guest (ie. shoddy) artwork is average, but the archives are very entertaining.

Amateur Transplants – by Dr Suman who is a British anaesthetics trainee. The highlight is the section of mp3s, which are very funny.

Chaser – largely political Australian humour, possibly nonsensical to those outside Oz.

Comics curmudgeon – dissects humorously various daily comic strips

The Daily Show – you can’t get the show clips via Youtube anymore due to Viacom getting all "sue-y", but they are posted here at ifilm. The Chappelle Show archive is also recommended. Sometimes NSFW

Dilbert – probably the funniest comic around at present, given that Patterson and Larson
have effectively retired.

Dr Rob – arguably the funniest medical blogger around, at least to Dr Dork's mind, although there is some stiff competition about.

The Onion

The Overheard series. NSFW

Reasons you will hate me. A sometimes raunchy blog with much political humour, by a 30-something author/screenwriter/ex-child actress that is especially entertaining if familiar with Melbourne. Very NSFW

And last but not least, Red Meat, Medium Large and The Perry Bible Fellowship are three irreverently funny web comics. Often NSFW

Well, all that should keep some of you out of mischief for awhile.

Dr Dork is a bit tied up at present, hence Chateau Dork might be a tad quiet over the next week or two. He also apologises for being rather tardy in replying to comments - these will be addressed over the next few days.


Rob said...

I greatly appreciate your endorsement (especially with the other esteemed sites on the list). I look forward to visiting the ones I don't know. It is far better to have gotten a Dork humor award than a "thinker" award - at least in my book.


Calavera said...

I love the Onion! Only discovered that fairly recently myself!

shadowfax said...

I humbly direct your attention towards Get Fuzzy as the funniest comic strip produced since the departure of Calvin and Hobbes.

As evidence I direct you towards this post from the Grand High Curmudgeon himself:


and the category summary here



Dr Dork said...

Hi Guys and Gals

Rob, you da man!

Cal, I've found the Onion entertaining for many years. Check out the archives.

Shadowfax, thanks for the tip. I'm heading there now.

Kind regards,

Dr. Deb said...

The photo of your Chateau is so bohemian chic.

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