Monday, February 26, 2007


This isn't a post of any substance, beyond self-indulgence, so feel free to skip over it.

The BritMeds are worth a read if seeking proper medical blogging.

Dr Dork is mildly concerned that he is violating a Dinosaur rule or two today.

Well, not that concerned, really.

He is going to talk about blogging, as a doctor, and any feedback, scathing or otherwise, is welcome.

Dr Dork has waffled on previously as to his personal motivations for blogging. He enjoys, most of all, blogs of those driven by similar motivations.

Yet once one has established a 'presence', however limited, however brief, one cannot help but feel an expectation to pander, to please an invisible audience. This is the kiss of death for a blogger such as Dr Dork. This explains his reticence about participating in certain annual events. Not to imply that there is anything wrong with these - far from it. Simply that Dr Dork considers such contrary to his personal blogging motivations, as he is one who blogs anonymously for his own edification, ventilation and amusement.

Dr Dork is new to medical weblogs, only having really discovered them in late 2005, but has been present, under a different pseudonym, in a couple of non-medical online forums, for several years. He was once asked to contribute, a few years ago, a regular 'column' to a popular non-medical Australian website, and did so for awhile, before finding that it was sapping his creative impetus, and found his interest and output soon waning.

It would be interesting to hear what Dr Dorks colleagues in supratentorial pathology think of this propensity. Conversely, Dr Dork in his "non-creative" life as a medico is driven to work harder by increased demand. In practical and technical matters, his output increases with increasing demand.

This has led Dr Dork to the conclusion....that Sloth is his muse.


jmb said...

Well I think you covered the three basic rules of the #1 Dinosaur. You write very well, quite quirkily and amusingly to my mind. You always have something interesting to say and you certainly mix it up.
I can't talk about blogging as a doctor, although I read a lot of medblogs. But I think the ones I enjoy most are a mixture of medicine and amusing entertainments.

DrWes said...

Seems you've reached homeo-stasis...
(I had to say that!)

Bardiac said...

Oh for a muse of sloth, that would descend
The lower continent where Dork does write,
A blog for readers medical and else.
And writers to take in the different ways.
Then should the saddish Dork, so like himself
Assume the nom de blog to entertain
With tales of wonders, dogs so black as make
The reader understand what heretofore
Was overlooked. But pardon, readers all,
This flat pixilated screen, that so lacks
The depth you do expect from all you know.
Imagine then this Dork, a doc who writes
Or not, depending on the mood, and let
Him, write or not as pleases, you patience
Beg, to gently read and judge so his blog.

Calavera said...

Hehehe, a neat conclusion.


I do know what you mean though.

#1 Dinosaur said...

Simultaneously groaning at Dr. Wes and applauding Bardiac, while assuring the dear Dork that rules -- mine especially -- are made for breaking. Your muse is more common than you realize.

Bo... said...

My big mistake in blogging was to let my mother read my blog. Oh, how I wish that I'd never told her about it--because as cosmopolitan as she is, her presence stifles my honesty on soooooo many issues.....

Nutty said...

I prefer your sleeping koala. Suits you perfectly. You're not slothful, you just take rest breaks.

Keep posting what you want to post. That's what makes you readable.

Bo... said...

And I meant to add: I love your blog. I love your honesty and your poetic way of writing---as well as your poetry...

Ex Utero said...

I think we blog precisely because there is naught but passion that drives us to do it. It is the closest thing to the unbridled self-expression of the opinionated physician (nurse, mid-wife, etc.) in a mostly anonymous guise (and amazingly society finds it not only acceptable but in many cases interesting). A med-blog is a semi-professional yawlp in the blogospheric wilderness. Along the way, I think we also find that it is a tool for self exploration. For some, I think that is what keeps us coming back to the well.

The Girl said...

I really enjoy reading your blog - please post whatever you want.

I think that if you are enjoying writing what you write, then people will enjoy reading it. If they don't, too bad. At least you will have had fun!

Sid Schwab said...

Blogging is, in the main, about writing, which is pleasure in and of itself. Still, I also have wondered about the audience on occasion. There are a couple of ideas I think about a lot but have hesitated to bring them into being on the page, for fear of offending some of my readers. Don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. Nor do I exactly know why people come to my blog: to learn about surgery, just to hear whatever I have to say, etc. So I've not wandered far afield. In your case, your writing -- no matter the topic -- is always a delightful read. Keep the internal censors far away, is what I say.

Dr Dork said...

Hi peoples,

Thanks for all the feedback. Some interesting notions.

Just for that, I am going to try and ban you from comments ! If I can work it out..

Bardiac, I am honoured by your creation, will 'file' a copy for easy reference.

Are you skirting around the fundamental narcissism one could argue is inherent in blogging ? Fear not, I think most of we wee bloggers are aware we have probable ICHS. (Idiopathic Cephalic Hyperadipose Syndrome)

Thanks for the kind words all, and it's intriguing and reassuring to know others tread a similar trail.

Kind regards

ps...I think 'yawlp' neatly encapsulates what I am trying to 'say'...

Mother Jones RN said...

Hi Dr. Dork:

I love your blog and I look forward to your posts. I understand your struggle with the Black Dog. Maybe blogging helps to keep us sane.


George said...

Enjoyable blog and you write well. So keep writing. I have o agree koala might be a better option than a sloth.

Health Psych said...

Have to get my dose of humour from Dr. Dork. Absolutely.

SeaSpray said...

Tell Dr Dork - To thine own muse be true. :)

Also, tell him that his posts are interesting and his flair for humor is greatly appreciated.

I think I am in love with that koala-so cute!

Dr. Deb said...

Sloth is very under-rated.

Greg P said...

You da man!

Dr Dork said...

Thanks for the nice words to all.

Sporadicity* shall reign.

Deb - I recall that same sage advice, a year or so ago.

Kind regards

*No, I don't think it is a real word.

Extinct and hunted said...

I've always liked sloths...a favourite animal of mine. They move slowly but gracefully with careful precision and I could watch them for hours....perhaps with a few beers to accompany me. Have always liked dorks too apart from myself.
Thanks for the link, btw and your kind words.

I have enjoyed my little trip over to your blog and have to agree with your thoughts on blogging purpose and meaning.

Now what do I say that won't be misinterpreted?...Warmest regards, kind regards, best wishes, cheers mate, all the best... oh dear, I do wish I was better at this.
I think I'll go with warmest regards...


Dr Dork said...

Hi Sisiphus

Thanks for stopping by. Us dorks are oft self-loathing.

Kind regards

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