Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Political Banter

Dr Dork is feeling a mite repetitious of late, what with returning yet again to the contentious theme of healthcare funding in his last post.

One last parting shot over the bow that Dr Dork especially recommends for any medicos or medical students out there : No Free Lunch.

As per usual, the BritMeds are up at NHSBlogDoc.

Dr Crippen continues to impress with his prolific yet thoughtful output.

A matter of considerable debate in the BritMeds this week. A link was originally included that went to a particular racist/xenophobic/extremist right wing political party in the UK. Albeit this appeared to be in a derisory, derogatory fashion there was nonetheless an outcry amongst NHSBlogDoc's copiously commenting community. Such that the link was withdrawn.

Dr Dork leans towards the justification Dr Crippen put forth in the comments on this post, to whit:

"Better to get them out in the open and put the case against. I fear that by advocating censorship as you appear to do, you achieve the opposite effect to the one you intend. If that guy is so wrong (and I think he is too) why not demolish his arguments rationally, rather than saying he should be suppressed? If you take the latter course, people will say you cannot demolish his arguments and that therefore he must be right."

To borrow a Respectfully InsolentTM term, such Wingnuts are only a danger to the ignorant and iniquitous. It is better to expose such idiocy, stamp it out like a bug skittering from under a rock, than to allow it to fester and grow in a darkened corner.

Dr Dork disagrees not infrquently with some of the health bloggers he regularly reads, and holds in high regard...irregardless.

Debate and discussion amongst those with dissimilar viewpoints is one of the ways in which we grow as human beings.

"Ooh - an eclipse !"


Bo... said...

I definitely agree with you about debate and discussion. One thing I've learned around the healthcare blogs is that two hotly "debated and disussed subjects" are 1) religion vs. evolution, and 2)nationally-funded health insurance vs. private/employer paid---yeehah! (Perhaps it's safer footing among my knitting blogs...)

Dr Dork said...

What is life without snarky bickering, Boheme ?

Kind regards

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