Thursday, February 15, 2007


Dr Dork is finding his internet niche increasingly cluttered and cumbersome.

Some renovations are underway.

One thing that has been particularly time consuming is attempting to maintain a collection of medical links organised by specialty. It is increasingly hard to keep up with the growing number of such contributors, and occasionally superlative blogs are missed for a long time. Dr Dork suspects he inadvertently classified some bloggers into inappropriate categories, as well, at times. Apologies.

To allow more time for blogging, and reading other blogs, all are now combined into a Blogroll of sites Dr Dork peruses. This is recommended as an excellent, free, time-saving option for others struggling to keep links up to date. User friendly and no annoying advertisements.

Dr Dork recently discovered the wonders of RSS as well, and finds Bloglines an easy way to keep up to date with blogs, without having to keep checking constantly if sites are updated. In the spirit of this phenomenon, Dr Dork foisted links to several RSS/feed/thingamajig services upon his sidebar, but is worried they look a mite gaudy, so has recommended they take administrative leave of absence.

Dr Dork only views his site via his venerable PC at Chateau Dork, hence is rather ignorant of any display errors or similar gremlins on other systems. Any feedback on layout, links, archives, load time, doohickies, thingamajigs...positive or negative appreciated.


angry doc said...

I'm an honorary dork! I'm an honorary dork!

JC said...

*sigh* I wish I were, as I love Dr. Dork.

Fallen Angels said...

AWWW...Angry Doc said what I was going to say! :(

I think the combined blogroll is the easiest to manage. Especially since so many bloggers fall under two or more categories!

Calavera said...

Wow, I made the cut, and I, too, am an honorary dork!!



jmb said...

well I haven't figured out the blogroll thing yet, combined or separated. So can't take this advice but I did take your advice on subscribing with bloglines, Dr Dork. Thank you, it's made life a lot easier.
By the way, does describing your PC at Chateau Dork as venerable mean you are angling for a new home computer? Or am I reading too much into that? If yes, you're worth it!
The first picture reminds me of my home office. Why are we drowning in paper, when we are supposed to be in the paperless society? What a joke!

AzRN said...

Dear Dr. D-
Where did you get a picture of my desk? I think that is the new phase I study I'm working on...yes, those are definitely case report forms.... But where is that d*** stethoscope of mine???

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Dr Dork, there were some helpful tips there - thanks for info on RSS. Michelle

Dr Dork said...

Angry, FA, Calavera...I'm glad people weren't as insulted as they might be.

The criteria for Honorary Dork status can be either (a) a site I visit regularly, and with RSS I can keep track of heaps more in the same time period now, and (b)sites I'm perhaps not familiar with but which the author of comments here at all - on my blog, as elsewhere, the comments are sometimes much more interesting than the original post, so I count any 'commenter' as a contributor by default, and bump them on to the blogroll.

So welcome to the wonderful world of Dorkdom AZRN, peanut gallery and my dear jmb - who I note has dipped a toe into the blogging ocean as well!

Kind regards

Alison said...

Well I'm changing my blog name from Woman and Child First to Amazing Alison's Adorable Psychology so I can get to be top of the list of Dorks. And of course, that's where I should be.

Health Psych said...

As Honorary Dorks, do we get a free set of buck teeth and glasses with elastoplast?

JC said...

Thanks Dr. D - you've got one of my favorite blogs.

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