Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rounding Off

Grand Rounds for the week are now up at Chronic Babe. There is a theme: 'give me some sugar', perhaps in honour of the Hallmark/Cadbury Annual Celebration of Commerce.

Paediatric grand rounds are up at Awesome Mom. Or Awesome Mum, in the local vernacular.

The Brit Meds are up at NHSBlogDoc also, and is quite an interesting collection yet again.

Image courtesy National Library of Medicine


Bo... said...

I was doing some housekeeping on my blogsite this morning and realized that your link wasn't on there for some reason--I thought I had added it awhile ago, but perhaps I lost it when I changed the template, oops! I just added it back.

Dr Dork said...

No worries, Boheme.

I just thought you didn't like me...Ha!

Seriously, it is an ever-growing amuont of time involved in maintaining links to health bloggers, to the detriment of actually keeping up with one's own blogging and the writings of others. I am looking at modifying my linkage to just a straightforward blogroll - far less time consuming than fiddling with html.

Kind regards

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