Friday, February 3, 2006

A tale of Aussie Guts

Australians are, like any nation, understandably proud of "their own".

Sometimes, creative interpretation of the truth occurs..
Blimey...I sound like an advertising executive.

Phar Lap was raised in New Zealand. As was Russell Crowe.
But we'll bend the rules for the national ego. They're Great Australians.

Sidenote: Dr Dork doesn't agree with beating up concierges. He did like A Beautiful Mind, though.

On the world stage, we are a small nation. Barely 20 million. About the size of Texas.

We take some pride in this. Per capita, we outperform the world at the summer olympics. Mind you, we suck at the Winter.

The story of Nobel Laureates Marshall and Warren is "Aussie" to the core.

They had a revolutionary idea.
It offended the establishment.
They fought. As unknown underdogs.

Barry Marshall ingested the bacteria in question. He gave himself an ulcer.
Risked his life, really.To prove his point.

Namely, that the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria caused most ulcers.

And could be cured.

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