Monday, January 30, 2006

Fizzy Drinks Make You Smart

Dr dork is laughing.
Did Coca-Cola-Amatil sponsor this joke of a study ?

The brain runs on glucose. Sugar, in other words.

The brain accounts for 15% of the total metabolism of the body. But 2% of the mass. So if you put lots of sugar in the bloodstream, when you are a bit low on sugar some will show up in the brain. Quite a lot.

We need a certain amount of glucose to live.
Most of us consume far too much.

It doesn't mean it makes you smarter. It will give you diabetes and make you fat, though.

Dr Dork cannot find this research on medline/PubMed.But the sample size is only 25, and he doesn't know if there was even a control group, or if there was caffeine in the drinks as well.

He suspects it is complete bollocks.

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